My journeys into the unknown…

Cultural Domination Reflections

I am involved in doing interpersonal work with the Mankind Project and one of the topics that came up for me this week is my behavior around anger and irritation. One of my Mankind Project brothers suggested I do some writing around this topic. I decided to turn this into a writing via voice dictation on the path of a mini-journey. I took the higher plane at the fork in the road....more

Return to Laurentum

Dear kinsman, I am writing this letter to you in the message of the spirit in the hopes that you will receive it one day. You have been missing for a generation. We have heard from the Great Soul that you have become lost in the “Forgotten Land” where many of our brethren have gone missing. We wonder why you have taken a detour from your pilgrimage to the final resting place....more

Life is a treacherous climb

The sun is a friend to me. It lights up the way to myself, filling me with gratitude and wellbeing. Even when it shines in my face while I’m trying to write. I cannot become too annoyed. I know that to become annoyed is to invite a breakdown. Being a man requires calmness and patience. For myself, my world, and my life. Every day I get up when the sun rises, and go to sleep when the sun sets....more

Armstrong Woods Reflections

I come alive when I get out of my own way. After I had a Cerebral Hemorrhage back in 2017, my physiology changed. I will call this health challenge “The Event” moving forward. A turning point in my life that was on the level of how an earthquake shakes up the landscape. I spontaneously developed different habits and goals for my life. And it changed the kind of person I was destined to be....more