Desktop Assembly

If you’ve already purchased parts for a custom PC, I can assemble the parts and configure the machine for operation. I have over 20 years of experience dealing with the most complicated issues that may come up during a hardware setup. All hardware will be stress tested for failures. The operating system installation and assembly have a full work guarantee on the normal operation of the machine after assembly.

Basic System Assembly
Case/Cable Prep $35.00
MB Install $25.00
Stock Fan/Heatsink Install Free
Video Card Install $15.00
Memory Install $5.00
1x HD/SSD/Optical Drive Install $5.00
Power Supply Install $5.00
Total $90.00
Extra Components
Custom Fan/Heatsink Install $20.00
1x Extra Device $10.00
Operating System Installation W/ Updates & Drivers $150.00
Application Installation $20.00