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Data Transfers

A data transfer is a service that involves moving, or copying data from one, or more source devices and transferring that data to a target device, or devices, such as another computer or a secondary storage device. Migration Audit Report In some cases, an audit report of your applications, software, settings and data is performed to ascertain the specifics of data you want transferred. This service is for a customer that does not know what needs to be transferred....more

Backup Solutions

Data Backup and Recovery Solution (Local and Cloud) I can help you setup solution that backs-up important data to a local or cloud based storage device. Disaster Recovery Backup Solution Storage devices usually have a limited life span due to wear and tear. A disaster recovery solution backs-up your system, programs and personal data. In the event of a hardware loss, or disaster, a recovery of that data can be performed minimizing down-time....more



Data Recovery It’s very likely that I can recover data from your damaged device, or your data loss. The chances of recovery depend on a number of factors: If you own a Hard Disk Drive, or Solid State Storage device. The state of the damage on the device, or if you data was deleted, or wiped. Its important that you stop using your device immediately after you notice any data loss, or failure, as further use could prevent a full recovery....more